mixed media art by Christine Lantz


I’m Christine, a mixed media artist and designer based in a small town in Sweden.

My work is very much inspired by nature, so I feel lucky to live in such a beautiful place, surrounded by vast forests and lakes. The natural world has become a recurring theme in my art, and in recent years my work has been increasingly influenced by geology. There is something I find very fascinating about the sharp contrasts and textured layers of a mountain; each layer telling a story of a specific time in earth’s history. I try to recreate this in my mixed media landscapes using various hand-painted textures, nature photos, vintage papers and other collage elements.

As a curious and somewhat restless person, I frequently move from one subject matter to another. Being drawn to surrealism and things that are dark, nostalgic or strange, I like to experiment with different and sometimes abstract forms of collage, often incorporating vintage imagery. The “Vintage Women” series is a result of this.

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