mixed media art by Christine Lantz

New website

Hello and welcome to my new website! As some of you have noticed my previous site has been unavailable for a while now. My plan was to move to a new platform and have everything up and running before the old one expired, but things don’t always go according to plan. So here we are several months later and finally it’s done. I will still be working on it, adding more products, trying to figure out SEO etc, but I think everything important is here now and should be working ok. I would love it if you browse around a bit and let me know your thoughts, or if anything seems strange (a link that doesn’t work for example. So easy to miss things like that!)

And for the more fun part; there are several new artworks in the shop! There hasn’t been much previously this year. Working on websites, handling orders, doing bookkeeping – all of these aspects of running an art business that don’t actually involve making art can take a toll on my creativity. And that is under normal circumstances… but as we all know, this year has been anything but normal (for future reference, this was the year the whole world got shut down due to a pandemic. It was insane.) so I’m very happy I was able to create anything at all. There are some new mixed media landscapes and a few vintage women collages. One of which I hope to turn into a new small series of works inspired by some of my favorite poetry. But more about that in another post.

Here are a few of the new pieces (all can be found in the recent works category), I hope you like them:

mixed media mountain art
Green Mountains“, mixed media painting, 2020
Elvi, mixed media collage by Christine Lantz
Elvi, mixed media collage, 2020
Mixed media mountain art by Christine Lantz
Golden Hills, mixed media painting, 2020

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